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Raise your happiness levels with Feel Good bingo

How happy are you?

On a scale of 1-10 how happy were you yesterday? How would you like to raise that level by a notch or two?

Changing choices

Every day of our lives we make choices - dozens of them. Normally those choices are constrained by a number of givens - events, responsibilities and commitments that are in place every day and to which we need to respond. If you have a job, you have to be at work at a certain time and place. You have a normal way of getting there. You know, most of the time, who you are going to meet and whilst the challenges of your working day may vary, they all fall within certain parameters. You have a job description or a contract, you know what you are employed to do.

Come Covid-19 how much of that has changed? Are you one of those people working from home on reduced hours, or working some days on and some days off, on furlough - not working at all. And if you’re not in work, how are you coping with the structure of your normal week being ripped away?

Building happiness into your weekly schedule

There’s a lot of good advice available on structuring your day whilst working or spending more time at home. Here’s something to think about as you’re deciding what to include in your new structure. At the foot of this post I’ve attached a bingo card - more particularly, a feel good bingo card. There are five columns of three rows, and the idea is that, every week, you engage in activities that fill these up. Let’s look at a few.

Your bingo card

One the columns is header “Smiles.” So what makes you smile? Did you start smiling when you read the question? Consciously building into your weekly routine, activities that make you smile is excellent for your personal mental health and the morale of any teams you work with. One obvious opportunity we have during the current lockdown is to get back in touch with people - ex-colleagues, customers, stakeholders, friends - people who always lifted your spirits. These are the people who, when you said “goodbye” to them, you always felt lighter than when you said “hello.” Who is coming to mind as I ask the question? Social contact is really, really important at the moment, and since connecting by phone or video are the only viable options, making a reconnection could be very easy.

I’ve included a column called “Something to look at.” Your home will be full of memorabilia. These could be objets, scrap books, pictures, any manner of things. Why not take some time to do a tour of your house and go back to some of these objects that you pass by every day without noticing them. What memories do they bring back to you? Where you find objects that people gave you, what were they saying about how much they valued you?

Create your own card and customise the content to whatever is most meaningful and relevant to you. You can use it individually or as part of a team exercise. With a team, it’s a great way to find out more about each other and, at the end of the lockdown, you will have acquired some helpful insights into what each of you, individually, values in terms of raising your morale.

Choose your feel good factors

So whatever else you’re filling your day with, make sure you include activities that makes you feel good.


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